A Hybrid system for Emotion Extraction from Suicide Notes

Nikfarjam A, Emadzadeh E, Gonzalez G. A hybrid system for emotion extraction from suicide notes. Biomedical informatics insights. 2012 Jan;5:BII-S8981.

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The reasons that drive someone to commit suicide are complex and their study has attracted the attention of scientists in different domains. Analyzing this phenomenon could significantly improve the preventive efforts. In this paper we present a method for sentiment analysis of suicide notes submitted to the i2b2/VA/Cincinnati Shared Task 2011. In this task the sentences of 900 suicide notes were labeled with the possible emotions that they reflect. In order to label the sentence with emotions, we propose a hybrid approach which utilizes both rule based and machine learning techniques. To solve the multi class problem a rule-based engine and an SVM model is used for each category. A set of syntactic and semantic features are selected for each sentence to build the rules and train the classifier. The rules are generated manually based on a set of lexical and emotional clues. We propose a new approach to extract the sentence’s clauses and constitutive grammatical elements and to use them in syntactic and semantic feature generation. The method utilizes a novel method to measure the polarity of the sentence based on the extracted grammatical elements, reaching precision of 41.79 with recall of 55.03 for an f-measure of 47.50. The overall mean f-measure of all submissions was 48.75% with a standard deviation of 7%.