NLP for Health Monthly Forum

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With interest in natural language processing research and applications evident in all areas of clinical and translational research, I would like to cordially invite you to the NLP for Health (HLP) Special Interest Group monthly gathering, where we hope to network and strengthen each other’s efforts, learn about our work, and find new collaborations around our common interest in HLP. Please feel free to forward to others that you think would be interested. We want to reach out to different schools at Penn, Penn Medicine, and CHOP.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Institute of Biomedical Informatics, we are able to offer lunch. Meetings are held 12:00-1:30pm, Blockley Hall 418, with lunch available starting at 11:45 in the adjacent room.

Based on our first three meetings, the best balance seems to be to have the same two segments, but with more time for questions or discussion. So we will have 2 slots for longer presentations (invited talks), 10+10 (10 min of presentation plus 10-15 of questions), followed by an “open forum”, for quick presentations, demos, and updates by the different groups (or individual researchers). Slides can be used for the second part if they are limited to 1 or 2, and are sent before the meeting.

Upcoming Sessions

Birds of A Feather ⎯ Identifying Patients with Elevated Risk of Breast and Colorectal Cancer based on Family History using Natural Language Processing
Danielle Mowery
Assistant Professor of Informatics, DBEI, University of Pennsylvania
Chief Research Information Officer, Penn Medicine
Data and Approaches for Information Extraction to Transform Access to Medical Evidence
Ani Nenkova
Associate professor of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
Lab Lunch will be served at 11:45am.

Past Sessions



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